Data Storage, Computer Peripheral

USB3.0, 1394 FireWire800, eSATA, RAID 1
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  The MPT's USB and IEEE-1394 to IDE Bridge board offer a fast, easy way to add additional drives
to a Macintosh or PC. Simply plug into any IEEE-1394 ( FireWire ) or USB enabled computer.
idea for the mobile professional requiring backup and data storage, Connects any Desktop or
Notebook PC or Macintouch Computer through USB and IEEE-1394 ( FireWire ) port.
The Bridge board features a IDE 40 pin connector and designed for any IDE Device.
Support most existing storage device, including HDD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MO, Zip¡K.

  • Compatibility with USB2.0,1394A,1394B,Firewire400, Firewire800, eSATA.
  • Hot-swapable, Rear Plug & Play
  • The Bridge provide a high speed serial data connetoion between any IDE, SATA device or
    IEEE-1394/ FireWire computer port Support most existing storage device,
    including HDD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, MO, Zip¡K.
  • Fully compatible with IDE/SATA periheral devices
  1394 Firewire        
  USB2.0 + 1394 Combo      
  Technical features        
  Interface : PATA or SATA, USB2.0, FW400, FW800, eSATA, NAS  
  Performance : USB V1.1 interface speed 12Mbps,  
    ( data transfer rate up to 980K bytes/sec.)  
    : USB V2.0 interface speed 480Mbps,  
    ( data transfer rate up to 20M bytes/sec.)  
    : IEEE-1394/FirewWire interface speed 400Mbps,  
    ( data transfer rate up to 36M bytes/sec.)  
  Power : DC 5V. or 5V/12V  
  Power consumption : 3W maximum  
  Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 50°C  
  Storage Temperature : -20°C to 85°C  
  Storage Humility : 8% to 90% RH.  
  Cooling : Air convection.  
  Operating Systems : Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISAT  
  : Mac OS 8.6 and Higher.  
  Model Number    
  : PCB Bridge Board Deisgn ( OEM, ODM are welcome )  
: USB 2.0 to SATA  
  MPBD-U2FW : USB 2.0, FW400 to SATA  
  MPBD-U2FWSATA : USB2.0, FW400, eSATA to SATA  
  MPBD-U2FWBSATA : USB2.0, FW400, FW800, eSATA to SATA  
  MPBD-U2FWBSATA-R1 : USB2.0, FW400, FW800, eSATA to dual SATA, RAID0, RAID1  
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